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Determined to bring you the best beard and hair products in the world, Fox City Beard Company, home of the “Best Beard Butter in the Business”, takes pride in the research it puts into every product. That’s why every product is handmade and every ingredient is intentional—the results speak for themselves.

The "best beard butter" lives here!


The Beard Wash, Beard Oil and Beard Balm have helped me fill in spots I needed. I really enjoy the Shampoo and the [Hair Butter]. The mixture really helped me with my dandruff and keeps my scalp hydrated.


For years, I've had bald spots in my edges. I've tried so many products and saw almost no difference--I just tried different hairstyles to cover it up. After 2 weeks of using the Scalp Oil, I looked in the mirror while getting ready one morning and realized the bald spots were almost gone.


I love the smell (Beard Balm, Own the Room) and the shine. I can honestly see a difference in growth and it's actually filling in patches I didn't think I could grow. But my favorite part is how long it lasts. It feels fuller and keeps that shine for 3-4 days sometimes.


I love this scent (Own the Room). The wash is a conditioning wash, really nice! A little bit goes a long way. It's a medium [Beard Oil], not as thick and I love that. The [Beard Butter] has this heftiness and I love that, but it doesn't weigh my beard down at all. I use it as my night time butter because I love the scent. Does really well in cold and heat. This butter is great. 


The [Beard Butter, Suit and Tie scent] is MONEY! Subtle scent and the texture is awesome. It doesn't feel like it would have a little muscle to it, by feeling it and how smooth it is, but once you get it into the beard, it's a great combo of smooth with a bit of muscle for hold.


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