Why Fox City!

My name is Gem Jefferson and I am the founder and owner of Fox City Beard Company and Fox City Brand LLC. Thank you so much for visiting my business. Nothing is more important to me  than a chance to share my passion and products with you.

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but when I decided to let my beard grow out, I had no idea about what to put in it, how to groom it, or that I needed to do either. I washed it with regular soap and shampoo, dried it with a towel and left it at that. My first beard was pretty long, but it was stringy, all of the ends were broken--I looked like a wizard

I bought 50 different oils, butters, balms, washes, etc. and tried everything--constantly, mixed and matched to some success, but I stumbled upon an article which sent me down a rabbit hole of researching  how beard growth works--stimulants, retraction, patches, genetics, etc. and I realized that many of the products had alcohol-based ingredients, chemical compounds I couldn’t pronounce and oils that blocked dihydrotestosterone--which happened to be the most important hormone for beard growth.

This led me to create oils for myself that did wonders for my beard. I shared them with my fellow bearded brethren, who shared with theirs and a small family grew. After a hundreds of trial runs, adjustments, and feedback from every, friend,barber, and stylist that tried it, we agreed it was time to bring these all-natural, handmade products to you--alcohol, chemical, paraben, and mineral oil free! 

The ingredients used in the beard products are all natural (we can pronounce them all) and only contain carrier oils that enhance a man’s DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT promotes the growth/length of facial hair—speeding up the natural process under the skin. Our hair products the opposite, blocking DHT which promotes growth from the scalp area. I partner these main ingredients with essential oils that give you thickness, health and shine to put your best beard and hairstyle forward.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and I would love for you to give my product line a try. You will not be disappointed. From my home to yours, welcome to Fox City!